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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


A simple act of stepping out of our comfort zone will bring great transformation from inside out. 

Our story is no different from the most. We are just ordinary couples who have different passions in life. Despite of our differences, we have something in common when it comes to making our passions into reality and make profits from them. My husband is a baker. He bakes mostly Filipino breads and some cakes. And I am a school teacher who has a passion in business. When we both discovered that we could make profit out of our passions, we decided to ACT! We bought a huge oven for our small bakery at home. He bakes and I market. I usually use the Facebook as a great platform on advertising our little bakery business. Our target? The Filipino community. Knowing our targets in this business sustains our small bakery. We have been in this business for more than two years already. From the small community to the other communities reached our breads. This is how I’ve been helping my husband to make his passions into reality. 

As a school teacher, I just don’t teach at school. What I also love in my career is that I could teach extra classes to my students. I usually earn so well from just tutoring. Aside from tutoring, I also love to sell some stuff such as beauty products and fashion clothes. My husband is very supportive to my passion as well. He gives me pieces of advice about selling these stuff online and offline. 

Bringing our passions into reality is as easy as the piece of cake. All we should only do is to take a little step to make them come true. Procrastination is one of the greatest enemies of our dreams. We could never turn our passions into profits if we keep procrastinating. Yes, it’s true that some passions are too risky to take. But what if’s will only lead us to more frustrations. The choice is still up to us. No one could ever break that chain of procrastination but ourselves alone. 

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