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Hi, I’m Al

In this article, I will share to you some tips I’ve done to grow our home baking business after two years.

Home baking business is amazingly wonderful as they come in various shapes and sizes! Our home baking business has been supplying the Filipino community in our legal residence for more than two years now and we’ve loved pretty much every second of it. Every job ( whether you work at home or not) has ups and downs and we have experienced it on our first year of running this business. Our journey to grow our business has been quite challenging to us.  I baked everyday 6 days a week before. We only got a little bit profit but that was fine. Not only a little profit, but there was  a day that we didn’t even take our capital back. Instead we ate them all. 

I didn’t just realize that I have a passion in baking nor have a talent but I’ve been doing this business for more than 11 years back in the Philippines during my college days. My parents let me managed our home bakery. We had a big home bakery and some employees to help us with. So, I already had enough background on how to run this business. 

But what is it to you, you may ask. You may not care about my baking background since you don’t have experience as me, right? Or probably, you haven’t even started yet this home baking business. Maybe you are still in a position where you are considering Baking as one option of your business plans. Nevertheless, I will share with you what I’ve learned over the years of running this baking business and will give you some tips to stay on track of this business once you started it.

Before you start planning your business, here’s the first tip, you need to consider.

1. Know your targets

Just because you have enough capital to buy your business equipment doesn’t mean you’re off to go. You need to know who the kind of people are you want to attract to your baking business. and who is likely to become a regular customer. In our case, we targeted the Filipino community as our regular customers since I bake mostly Filipino breads and cakes. If you can pinpoint people you want to attract to your business, then, the business marketing process will go much more easily. 

2. Plan your budget

In your business plan, you must approximate about how much money your business needs to start and stay afloat. Since you will run this business at home, then you don’t need to rent for a space. But you need to write down your start-up costs for the equipment you may be needing for baking business. You should also consider the fact of getting a license when your business grows and becomes well known in the community. In planning the budget, you need also to include the cost of paying for your staff in the future. For a small business like this, then, you don’t need a helper yet to start. Just like me, for over two years of doing baking, only me and my oven are always together. 

3. Trial and error tasting

Before you launch your very first products to the market, you must practice your taste first of breads and cakes and have your family or friends or colleagues taste them. Ask them to give you a favor by giving you an honest feedback about the tastes. Through them, you can improve the tastes even better and you are highly confident to launch your business in the market. Remember that you will not only have the same customers. You will have different customers with different tastes. But don’t worry, as you continually bake, you will get to the perfect tastes that your customers would really love. But I still encourage you to give your best taste of your breads and cakes to the first launch of your baking business. Because as the saying goes; First impression lasts.

4. Pray for your business plans

God is an all-knowing God. He’s got all the knowledge you need to run your baking business. Pray for your business plan that God will give your wisdom. Do not just trust on your own understanding. But in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. He will lead you to the right resources for your understanding and to the right people who will guide you to make your business become successful.

Finally but not the least,

5. Launch your business

Some people launch their businesses through either renting shops or spaces for their bakery. But if you do it at home, the best way to launch your baking business is to let people know about what you sell. My wife has been using Facebook as our platform in marketing our small baking business. At first, she just posted it on her wall and those who saw them will order from us. Later, she posted it in groups nearby to attract more possible customers. Another way of launching your business is selling at the wet markets. People could not resist foods and so breads and cakes. You can offer them a free taste so that when they like it, they will buy from you. And through them, the your breads will be spreading out to their family and friends.

Staying afloat to this business is all up to you.

There might be days that your breads and cakes are unsalable. But that’s okay. Keep doing what you really love to do. Keep baking. Don’t give up just because you only get a little profit. Bear in mind that big things come from small things. If you stay on track of your business despite of the situations may be, you will somewhat be surprised one day, after encountering all the challenges, that your baking business has grown in years. 

If you think you’re ready for your next endeavor, and our tips have helped you to start up your business, please don’t forget about us. Be our subscriber for more baking tips in the future.

May God bless your business!!!

Truly yours,

Al and Hill

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