8 Popular Side Hustles For Teachers To Work During Summer


Teaching can be very rewarding. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose like few professions can. But teaching has a lot of tangible benefits as well, and perhaps the most appealing of all is summer vacation. But instead of staying idle at home or travelling the world, summer for teachers means the best time to search for the second jobs to earn extra cash to pay for their bills.

Here are the 8 popular side hustles for teachers to earn extra cash this summer:

1. Private Tutoring

A great way to continue doing what you love is to privately tutor individual students. Many kids need help with their schoolwork year-round, whether they’re in summer school or just working to catch up before the next school year. Private tutoring is great because it has flexible hours and allows you to work close to home or doing it in your home.

2. Teaching at Summer Schools Or Working at a Summer Program

A lot of teachers simply keep teaching during the summer. You can teach summer classes at your school or summer program. There are many schools that require their teachers to teach during the summer. Just because the school year ends, doesn’t mean students stop learning or you have to stop teaching.

3. Getting Involved with Summer Camps

Going to work at a summer camp is one of the best summer jobs you could ever have. So what types of jobs you could have during the summer camps? You can work as a camp counselor. What’s your role? Your role is to have fun while guiding the campers throughout their schedules. Another job that you can apply for the summer camp is being an activity specialist. As a summer camp activity specialist, you’ll be the go to person for a specific skill area. You are in charged of activities that make summer camps energetic and unique place. Summer camp will not be accomplished without a support staff. A support staff member is someone who works at camp but their role isn’t really involved with the campers.

4. Be a Tour Guide

If you want a break from working with kids, but still want to work with people, being a tour guide could be a good fit for you. As a tour guide, you can show tourists around your lovely city. Being a tour guide is a great way to get paid to talk, exercise, see your city and meet new people.

5. Freelance Writer

One good side hustle to do for teachers is freelance writing. Teachers make good freelance writers as they have education and skills to write effectively. You can get started by applying freelance writing jobs at http://www.upwork.com or finding works on FreelanceWriting.com. Doing this side hustle, you can stand to earn between $15 to several thousand dollars , depending on the piece and type of content you are writing.

6. Babysitting

One of the most flexible side jobs for teachers is babysitting. You can get a group of children to babysit during the summer. In order to start with this side hustle, begin with your community. Tell your friends or neighbors that you’d be happy to help with babysitting duties. How much you can earn from babysitting depends on the location and duties.

7. Online Teaching

If you have internet connection at home and you still want to keep yourself busy during the summer, why not become an online teacher? There are so many ways to earn extra cash online by educating other people. For example, you can create a course on Udemy.com or to teach a class on DaDa Abc. You can also look for other remote teaching opportunities that give you the option to teach online from the comfort of your own home.

8. Brand Ambassador

As a teacher, you have that expertise for explaining things. As a brand ambassador, you will work at public events suck as concerts, sporting events, festivals and more. You will be explaining the latest product of promotion and communicate with the public, giving them freebies and coupons.This side hustle is great for teachers as it offers flexibility and a change of scenery.



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