Filpino Teachers rock during the Pattaya International Gospel Music Festival

54519280_355123091761043_4051623567224209408_nGreat teachers do it all. Across all ages, languages, ethnicities, and subjects, teachers are some of the most widely skilled people around in order to be successful. In other words, teachers don’t just teach in the four corners of their classrooms!

Teachers spend their weekends in various ways and activities. There are teachers who take their paper works at home to prepare their lessons during weekends. And the others just simply relax and have fun while spending their weekends with their family and friends.


Just recently, (actually it was just last night) I had a privilege to watch a music festival held at Pattaya city, Thailand. This annual music festival is called ” Pattaya International Gospel Music Festival ” which accommodates a group of artists from all over the world such as Christ Crew, Crossfire, DJ Diana and Hispop among many others take to the giant stage that has been erected in front of Central Festival on Beach Road. Its purpose is to gather the Thai and foreign artists who are Christians and love peace and quiet by using music as a way to create unity for the nation. This show in Pattaya has gathered more than 13 bands from various countries around the world who are ready to give happiness and color to Pattaya. And guess what? One of the bands called CROSSFIRE is a group of Filipino teachers who had a stellar performance on stage singing gospel upbeat songs such as Say Yes originally sung by Michelle Williams, Wake by Hillsong Young and Free and the more.


These Filipino teachers who are also Christ believers have one thing in common. They are not just simply teachers who earn enough in Thailand, but they believe that they have a purpose aside from educating the Thai kids of bringing the gospel to the nation. They are not being paid to perform in front of the different nationalities on the beach road but they are moved by the fact that Thailand is for Christ!

If you want to hear more about them, you can click this link for more details. Or You can also visit the Rayong Encounter Church at Sukumvit 19 Nakornrayong Rayong if you happen to be anywhere in Rayong Thailand. Just come and have a fellowship with them and the other believers.

900_Espirit-Images_Matthew 28-19-20

All teachers need to relax, recharge and recover. Do not deprive yourself from creating fun outdoors. You deserve a weekends off. Go out and embrace the gift of freedom given to all of us.

Happy teaching fellows!

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