Teaching Skills of Single Teachers May Lead To Finding the “Right One”


Are you a teacher who’s looking for your significant other yet? But until now, she’s/he’s nowhere to be found still?


In most schools nowadays, you can find a number of teachers, old and young who are still single. There are several reasons why many teachers remain single. Busyness is one of the top reasons why they are still unmarried. They couldn’t find a reasonable time to go out and mingle with other people especially with uncoupled ones. Some Teachers usually leave for school early in the morning with no breakfast at all and make the classrooms their kitchens or coffee bars  getting themselves ready to teach and of course making the environment conducive to learning for their students even before they ever get inside the classrooms. Then, you will see these teachers still working in their classrooms until sundown. See the passion and commitment?

My dear teachers, first thing first, you need to understand that your career has very magnanimous qualities. In other words, you belong in an aristocrat profession.

Virtuous, honorable, worthy, ethical, self-sacrificing, brave, generous…and etc.

So, how then your qualities and skills may lead to finding your trouble and strife despite of your thousands of reasons of why you’re still single up to these days?

Before elaborating my key points here, let me ask you first single teachers. When you first apply for your teaching job, what do you normally write in your resume? You write your profile objectives, your skills and job descriptions, am I right? Why do you have to write those? – to capture the eyes of your possible employers in order to hire you, correct? In your resume, you sell yourself to get that teaching job you really dreamed of. Great employers look at your job descriptions to make sure you are a good fit for the positions. And then boom! You got the job!

So, here’s my main point. If you really desire to be married, have your own family and never want to grow old and die alone, you may consider my practical points that may lead you into finding your significant other.

Consider adding your job descriptions into your dating profile. Confused? Let me simplify what I’ve just said. Teachers are known for being selfless, kind, trustworthy, and capable of handling anything that life can throw at them. As ThinkAloud.net points out ” marrying a teacher is like hitting the jackpot” with a partner who is supportive, responsible, kind and compassionate.

Using the following skills in your dating profile will make you stand out among others:

  1. You are good listeners who take the time to develop trusting relationships with their students and work to create safe and positive environment. In other words, you will patiently listen to your future lovey dovey’s rants and are interested to his/her stories. You will not get bored. 
  2. You are responsible. Teachers’ job requires that parents trust them enough to hand over young children. They are well-organized planning lessons, meeting education guidelines, and rarely call in sick. They are responsible of raising the next generation of youngsters- filling young minds with new, big ideas and helping them process the world around them. Having a partner who can handle responsibility is a blessing.
  3. You are patient, caring and kind. Teachers take the time to get to know their students, forgive them when they make a mistake and help them tackle difficult problems. They can handle almost any situation. Marriage is a messy juggling act and having a partner who can help solve any problem is definitely a plus!
  4. You are engaging and motivating. Engaging teachers know how to motivate their students, can show them how to learn from their mistakes, tap into their full potential and teach them be their best. Plus, teachers who can, say, make the photosynthesis cycle or iambic pentameter seem interesting could definitely keep the conversation lively- even after 15 years of marriage.
  5. You know how to communicate. As most relationship experts will tell you, being able to communicate in a productive way can make it easier to deal with conflict, and build a stronger and healthier partnership.
  6. You are dedicated and passionate. Teachers frequently wake up early, leave school late, spend their own money to make sure their students have what they need. They do all that while being underpaid. A person who shows that level of passion and commitment to a cause would undoubtedly help cement a strong and lasting relationship with their own partner. 
  7. You are fun. It’s nearly impossible to spend your life surrounded by children without learning to relax, embracing the amiable side of life, laughing at life’s shortcomings and remembering that when the weather’s really nice, recess should be extra long. Having a partner that truly enjoys life is the foundation of a happy marriage. 


May God bless you single teachers!



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