Best Hiring Agencies For Teachers In Thailand


When trying to find a job teaching English in Thailand, especially if it’s your first time, some prospective teachers turn to a hiring agency for help.

A hiring agency often bridges the language gap and professional responsibilities between a Thai school and an English teacher. However, always consider what they offer beyond salary.

So, what do the best hiring agencies in Thailand have to offer?

  • Finds you a job
  • Provides the correct paperwork to obtain legal documents
  • Your paycheck is paid in full, on time, every time
  • Provides a clear work policy
  • Schedules substitute teachers
  • Pays for legal documents
  • Grants paid sick or vacation days
  • Offers insurance
  • Pays for travelling expenses

These are the perfect offers of the best hiring agencies in Thailand. However, not all hiring agencies offer these incredible packages for their teachers. Nonetheless, below are the hiring agencies I’ve carefully surveyed before including them into my top lists.

  1. Sine Education

This agency hires and trains teachers for their schools located at Greater Bangkok, Central Thailand, and Northeastern Thailand. It’s a great helper, especially for new teachers. They offer only a 10 months contract though. It means you’ll not be paid during vacations. teacher

Sine Education provides all the lessons needed by the teachers. It means that you don’t need to worry about writing your own lesson plans and creating your materials. Everything has been prepared for you already. They also offer training courses for teachers which basically happens in May and October. The starting salary of all Sine teachers start from 33,000 baht per month. However, teachers in Greater Bangkok receive 2,000 baht per month allowance. With your accommodations, Sine doesn’t provide free accommodations. But they will guide you on how and where to find cheaper and yet convenient accomodations. The good news is Sine Education teachers are provided with health insurance. apply-now

2. Essential Educational Staffing  

This has been placing teachers in some of Bangkok’s leading schools for 12 years. It offers friendly, attentive support and guarantees a well -resourced working environment. At Essential Educational Staffing, they can offer you small class sizes and able to place you to the private and international schools with excellent benefits. You don’t need to worry about your visa and working permit because they will assist you in obtaining them. And like Sine Education, they also provide training courses for their teachers to enhance their teaching skills. So, if you want to apply, you can email them here along with your cover letter, resume and recent photo.


3. Teachers For Thailand

Since 2013, T4T is a teaching agency that specializes in uniting professional educators with qualified teaching positions in Thailand. Essentially, their job is to find work for you through a job that will fit both your personality and skills. With 25 years of experience in the industry, this company gives you the best service possible. Their team is mostly the native speakers from USA, UK, and South Africa. So, if you’re from any of these countries, you can absolutely apply. Salary starts at 32,000 baht per month for 12 months. Unfortunately, they don’t offer free accommodations though they will assist you in finding your own place and the good thing about teaching for this agency is that you are provided with their curriculum. So, if you apply outside Thailand, they can assist you with your visa and pick you up at the airport upon arrival.


You may fill out the application on their website by clicking here.

4. is the greatest teaching marketplace among them all. It’s free to register. All you need to do is to upload an excellent resume then you are on your way to browse all the teaching jobs available throughout Thailand. I would highly recommend this to you. However, like what I’ve written in my previous article about Helpful Tips: What You Must Know Before Teaching in Thailand, most Thai employers prefer the applicants who have already settled in Thailand. In this website, all nationalities are welcomed and in demand. You just have to read the qualifications of the schools needed.


5. Global Education Consultancy

This company supplies English and Chinese teachers to private and government schools in Bangkok and provinces throughout Thailand. The trained and qualified native English speakers teach English language and the English programme subjects to all grades of students from kindergarten to mathayom (high school). The accommodations and other details are not mentioned on their website. Feel free to explore their site for more details. Click here to send your teaching application because the peak season of hiring teachers have already begun.


6. Media Kids Academy is a Thai organization that aims to improve the English language skills of Thai children by implementing an ” English taught by Native Speakers’ program for public schools across the country. As a placement agency, they have contracts with over 70 schools nationwide and have placed over one thousand foreign teachers in the last few years.

They offer a competitive salary depending on your qualifications and experiences. They also have free accommodations with an allowance of 3,000 baht per month. The company also provides contract renewal bonuses and opportunities for raises. Accident insurance is also provided which covers general accidents such as vehicular, motor cycles and assault. 1490880966mediakidsacademy.jpg

7. T. S. E. T.A (Thailand Suphanburi English Teachers Academy works with schools from kindergarten to high school as your preference. They require you to have at least Bachelor Degree of any discipline and cover the cost for working visa. You must be a native speaker to be able to apply to this agency. They also offer an airport pick up upon your arrival when you apply from your home country. With the accommodations, you are well-provided with a fully- furnished studio type apartment. Click here to apply. 8495168-1494254351698

8. Teach In Thailand is one of the biggest teaching agencies with  over 100 schools in their network from every age range and region in the country. If you are a native speaker, you will receive between 30,000 to 40,000 baht per month depending on location, qualification, and experience. They don’t offer free accommodations though but with the cheap cost of living in Thailand, you can still earn more than enough depending on your lifestyle to create here. If this agency interests you, you can apply hereteach-thailand-home-6.jpg

9. Siam Computer and language School has become a recognized leader in both IT and English Language instruction and their school has been officially authorized by the Thai Ministry of Education to operate as a private teaching institution. They have several branches located throughout the Greater Bangkok metropolitan area and offer varied and diverse programs including IT and English in addition to the course in French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. They provide regular intensive and mandatory training to all their teachers in IT programs. Educational scholarships are available to qualified instructors with the commitment, drive, and determination to progress within their company. If you are an IT graduate, you can apply here with competitive teacher packages with benefits and bonus incentives. mainpix2.jpg

10. BFITS (Bright Future International Training and Services)

This agency focuses on the necessity of innovative programs that put the Thai student at the center of the learning experience. Only native speakers could be deployed to more than 25 private and government schools throughout Thailand. With BFITS, you will have a greater opportunity to enhance your teaching skills and your passions through their ongoing professional development training and curriculum management. Salary ranges from 40,000 baht plus depending on the qualification and experience. They have a 12- month contract and 34,000 baht as your end of contract bonus. They also guarantee a 3% annual raise for their teachers with an amazing health insurance, 2 weeks paid vacation, and of course 2 to 4 paid sick days (if unused, they will pay you 500 baht to be reimbursed). If you are a serious teacher who wants to make a significant impact on our students, consider BFITS Thailand and apply here.thumb

11. EPP Plus Learning

EP Plus was established in 2001 as an English Learning Center and English Program Developer for private schools. Their goal has always been to help Thai students improve their English skills in relation to Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. However, only native speakers are highly accepted here. They have already provided teaching materials and custom-made private lessons for their teachers. They also create summer camps during school holidays in October and April. However, other matters such as salary, accommodations, and health insurance were not mentioned on their website. To know more details about their competitive packages, you can email the owner here.123456(4).jpg

12. Fun Language International was founded in 1997 by a team with teaching experts. With more than 20 years of operation, their focus on language courses is now accepted and taught to children from kindergarten to high school in many schools in Bangkok and provinces by foreign teachers, native speakers, and expert Thai teachers. In addition, they also conduct classes at Fun Language Club on Saturdays and holidays. Ready-made lessons and teaching materials are already provided for you. If you are a native speaker, your salary ranges from 40,000 baht and above depending on your qualification and experience. They also provide health and accident insurance. However, they can only assist you with your accommodations. If you’re interested to send your resume, you can do it here5.jpg

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any of these agencies. I’ve found them reliable based on my thorough research.

I hope that this article will help you or has helped you in one way or another. If this has helped you, please do me a favor by sharing this article to your friends.

God bless you!


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