4 Tips To Do A Demo Lesson The Employer Will Never Forget!

The Demo lesson in education is somewhat equivalent to an audition of any showtimes we’ve seen on television. You cannot see participants of those TV shows unprepared and doesn’t know what to do on stage. If a participant wants to win, he/she confidently prepares himself to awe the judges and the audience. Similarly, in demo teaching, you need to impress your employers and students. You cannot just perform a demo teaching without any materials to be used for making your demo lesson successful that your employer will never forget.

Here are the tips you must follow assuming that it is your first time to do a demo lesson in a school you applied for.


1. Plan your lesson

Planning for success will make you even more creative. 


Before you plan the lesson, the employer has already told you the grade level of the class and the subject area they want to see you teach. Therefore, when you do the demo lesson, you must definitely look at the standards for that grade level and pick up a clear objective that aligns with the standards for the grade. You should choose a unique topic that will really capture your employer’s interest and will make the students stay engaged in your lesson. Never make your lesson challenging on the part of the students. It means that you must keep your lesson simple and a bit easy for the students to understand. And the last thing that you need to do in planning is to make your demo lesson short. Most administrators sometimes make their decision after the 5 or 10 minutes of the demo lesson. So, consider pacing and keep your teaching point focused and catchy.


2. Prepare your lesson


Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

Preparation is key to having a smooth and successful demo lesson. During the preparation, you should consider buying some materials you need for the lesson. Never ever count on having materials available in the classroom. Things will be smoother if you bring all the materials you might need for your demo lesson. This will also leave a good impression on your employers when they see you all prepared with your materials. If you are going to use charts for your lesson and for the student’s participation, make sure that you have the title and directions written on the top side of the chart to get you started. When it comes to your written lesson plans, bring extra copies even though you won’t be assessing students at the end of the lesson. It gives administrators a look at how you plan and prepare your lesson for varied learners. The reason why you need to have extra copies of your lesson plan is you will hand these out to the adults(including the administrators) who drop by to watch your demo lesson. Another thing you should also consider is bringing a lot of extra student’s handouts. You don’t know that exact number of students in a class. The handout should be originally created by you to impress your administrators, not the activities you just copied from the books. There are so many available worksheets online that you can print out. Integrating with digital technology in your demo lesson is quite easy and interesting. However, it is a bit risky. There might have internet connectivity problems in the classroom or incompatibility of the devices you’re going to utilize for your demo lesson. If you plan to incorporate your lesson with technology, I would suggest that you must have an alternative so you can teach your lesson effectively just like the traditional way of teaching.


3. Classroom Management


Management is doing things right…

Set rules or expectations from the first moment of your lesson. You should establish behavioral expectations in a clear, firm yet positive way. Do not start your lesson unless there is silence among the students. Don’t forget to use compliments such as “ Thank you for getting quiet so quickly! I see this class really knows how to listen respectfully!” When calling their attention, you may use a signal to make them listen to you. Another one strategy of managing your classroom during the demo lesson is calling out the students by their names. If you don’t know their names, when you call a specific student, you can politely ask for her/his name. Then, try to remember his/her name when you call that student again. Students love their teachers call them with their names. It promotes a connection between teachers and students. It builds rapport.

Then, during the demo lesson, explicit clear and direct instructions to your students. You can ask them to repeat the directions using their own words or you can demonstrate what they will do. When giving out activities, consider group work. What I usually do in this cooperative learning activity is I group them by numbers. Well, you can easily group them according to your style. You can give each student a sticker or colored cards so they can easily find each other to form a group.

Another way of making your demo lesson stand out is making a plan for the students who finish early to avoid disruptions and boredom in the class. You should prepare extra activities for the students who finish doing the given activity faster than the rest. This is a great way of having your administrators look at how you manage the class with different types of learners.


4. Smile


Smile. Your eyes sparkle when you do that.

Teaching a demo lesson can be very frightening! But as much as possible try to take a deep breath and stay calm. Don’t forget to always smile to relax your muscles. Acting confidently in teaching makes your demo lesson delivered efficaciously. When you are confident, your passion for teaching, your love for children and your excitement for learning shine through. It means you need to act enthusiastically! Not only will the students respond in kind if you demonstrate enthusiasm but also you surely stand out among the eyes of the administrators.

So, smile! Looking anxious in front of the administrators and students signify nervousness and lack of confidence in teaching. A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear to win the hearts of your students. For me, it is one of the winning verbs that produce great and positive results in applying for a teaching job especially if your demo lesson happens to be in Thailand. That’s why it’s legendary called “The Land of Smiles”.

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