5 Reasons Why I love Living In Thailand!

       A few years backI was asked by some of my friends about working in Thailand.

Why ThailandWhynot other countriesAt firstI didn’t know the reasons except for being invited by my college friend to work in Thailand.

I have worked here while telling myself that I would not stay here long anyway.

I would go somewhere else like in western countries to seek for greener pasture.

Like most everyone elsethat thought remained as it was.

Daysweeksmonths and years have gone by until it quietly disappeared from my mind.

Why am I still here in ThailandWhy is it so hard to leave this country?


In this article, I will reveal my top 5 reasons why I have stayed in Thailand for more than a decade. These things are all based on my personal experiences.


1. Filipino cultures blended well with Thai cultures.

Most Thai people are polite here. They are generous and kind at heart. They pay respect to the elders just like we do in the Philippines. Thais are family-oriented people. They take good care of their oldies and have them live in with them in the same house. Extended family is somewhat common in Thailand as well. When it comes to disciplines, children are taught not to talk back to those who are older than them.


2. The cost of living is cheap.

     Every time I go back to my countryI could not help myself comparing the high prices of some grocery items I buy from the supermarket. 1000 pesos worth of grocery items is just a small handful of them. However, If I buy groceries worth of 1000 bahtmy grocery basket is already full and I have everything I need in it already.
In the city where I livemost rental houses are not really expensive. I could rent a 3 bedroom house fully furnished for 5,000 baht. Just don’t convert it into pesos because I don’t spend pesos here in Thailand.

     My whole point about it is that almost everything in Thailand is cheap that’s why many expats truly enjoy their lives here.

3. Money is easy to find.

    If you are a teacher in Thailandyou can relate much to it. Tutorials are very in demand for teachers in Thailand as side hustles. I teach extra classes to a group of students after school in my own place. To be honest, the income that I get from tutoring students usually doubles my salary every month. Surprisingly, other Filipino teachers could even earn more from doing this side hustle. Money is not really difficult to find in this country. With the right skills, you can earn a lot more than your monthly salary. Some teachers I’ve heard living in Bangkok do au pair jobs or housekeeping jobs to supplement their income. Several teachers own online shops that sell products from Thailand. Most of them export these goods to the Philippines for their physical stores.

4. Thailand is the best stepping stone to exit to another country.

I’ve heard many stories of Filipinos who just worked in Thailand for a while and then made their exit to another country for good. Once you obtained a work permit in Thailand, it is much easier for you to travel to other countries of your preference. I guess Thai immigration officers are not that grumpy compares to the Philippines’ who love to offload Filipino tourists who wish to travel to Thailand or to another country. So, if you still wish to go to another country, then, Thailand is the best stepping stone. You can easily exit to your dream country.


5. Thailand has no snatchers!

For more than a decade of working and living in Thailand, there is only one thing that I could describe to Thai people. They honor the law of Karma. They don’t want to do bad things to other people for fear of reaping the consequences of doing bad things. That’s why if you forgot your wallet on the table where you dined in, and then you went back to get it, you could still find it untouched on the table. I had an experience which I forgot my sling bag in the van. I had my atm and my cellphone in it. I was really frightened of not getting that atm and phone back to me since it was already midnight when I found out that I left it there. Luckily, I got the van’s phone number. I called the driver. The wife said they’re going to search for it. I was really worried that they would not give me back my things. Bad thoughts flashed over my head. But after a few minutes passed by, they called and said they found it. They gave it back to me and the first thing I did was to check on my bag. Surprisingly, my things are intact inside the bag. One more thing is that I haven’t found anyone in Thailand snatching off your earrings or necklaces while walking down the busy streets or being hijacked inside the jeep. Here, if you happened to drop something, and then a Thai person noticed it, he/she would chase you to give you that thing you unknowingly dropped off on the ground. Another interesting thing is, in their jeepney (called songtaew), you cannot see the driver from where you are sitting in. The driver is hidden. You only press the buzzer to stop the songtaew and then the window will be opened to you once you get off it to hand over your fare. See, the trust they give to people despite the nationalities.


I could share with you countless stories of living in Thailand. You must probably have interesting stories to share with us here. Please feel free to share for others who wish to live and work in Thailand.

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