Who We Are

Thank you for landing on this site.

We are teachers who’ve decided to create something that will bring a great impact to the lives of our fellow teachers. Teacher’s Hub Online is a digital platform that transmits services to the educators to be their one-stop or one-click channel for searching education-related information which includes side-hustles to supplement their income.

We are Filipino teachers who ventured in the land of smiles the Kingdom of Thailand bearing the passions for teaching within us to be positively great influencers among Thai children’s daily lives. We thought that working for money in Thailand is the sole purpose of our endeavor. A realization came slow and late, but clear. Until we finally came out for a solution to help many teachers who struggle to find their jobs and financially because their salary has never been enough. We wanted to help our fellow teachers especially the Filipino teachers landing their dreamed teaching jobs and to help them supplement their income by giving ideas to find side jobs aside from their full-time occupation. However, our desire to help fellow teachers is not only limited to Filipino teachers but to all the teachers worldwide.

We hope that this site will be a great platform for all the teachers.


Mabuhay and God bless us all!!

Teacher And Baker