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The Very Hungry Caterpillar: A Butterfly’s Life Cycle

Butterflies go through a life cycle. It is a series of changes in form than an organism undergoes, returning to the starting state.A butterfly has four stages in its life cycle. Each stage is varied. There is a different goal for each stage. A butterfly becoming an adult is called metamorphosis.The process of the life cycle can take a month to a year depending on the type of a butterfly.

Below is the lesson plan together with the worksheets that you can use to teach about the life cycle of a butterfly. This lesson is good for primary level.

Worksheets here:

The Water Cycle

Water on Earth is always changing. Its repeating changes make a cycle. As water goes through its cycle, it can be a solid (ice), a liquid (water), or a gas (water vapor). Ice can change to become water or water vapor. Water can change to become ice or water vapor. Water vapor can change to become ice or water.


Download the lesson plan: the-water-cycle

Worksheets: label-the-water-cycle

Watch The Water Cycle video:

Let’s Eat Healthy!

Why do we need to eat healthy foods?


Eating a healthy and balanced diet plays a vital role in carrying on a healthy weight, which is a significant part of overall good health. Eating healthy isn’t always easy but devoting to a healthy diet can be one of the cleverest decisions you ever make.

Teaching our students about living a healthy lifestyle needs procedures and goals. They need to understand eating healthy plays an essential role in their lives. In fulfilling these goals, they must understand the proper guidelines.

Therefore, for your convenience and resources, feel free to download the lesson plan to be used in your lesson.


Thank you!



Download the lesson plan: lets-be-healthy

Living things and non-living things

Teaching kids about the Living things and Non-living things is one of my favorite lesson in Science. I can create various activities for this speficic topic. Kids have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom​ to motivate and engage them in this interesting topic. The goodnews is you don’t need to make your own lesson plan anymore for this topic. You can absolutely download it for free.



Download the lesson plan: living-and-nonliving-things

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